Windows  reinforcement 

A brilliant solution- also for your wallet…

Reinforcement films for windows and glass doors can be applied in order to obscure a building. An elegant and cheaper solution: our products, certified by QUADRAGARD®, will be applied on windows and glass doors already-built.

Through a first counseling interview, we evaluate which are the intrusion alarms needed  analysing your building’s security and proposing a tailored project in order to make it safer.

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Some examples:

On the left:
Balcony’s door or overlooking the garden (“French windows”)
At the top:
Balcony’s door  with full protection.
Examples and extracts:

QUADRAGARD® Integral is a very powerful  intrusion alarm with a vertical bar closing and two locking devices that are almost invisible.It can be applied on every type of window or glass door. It offers a higher protection from any intrusion attempt and it is an almost  insurmountable obstacle for burglars.

QUADRAGARD® Integral can be disassembled without problems like the backup of the pre-existent buildings, but it is suitable for every kind of windows, with a chassis made of plastic, wood or a combination of metal and wood.

The compelling quality of QUADRAGARD® Integral is also demonstrated by the Fasif certification with the number 200‘097.
We advise you to keep your windows and glass doors safe by applying our security system QUADRAGARD® Integral. Burglars use various new possibilities and know that windows can be reinforced putting pressure on hinges. With our security system you can keep safe also weaker point.

Security standard:
Certified in accordance with DIN 18104-1: 2000-09
Reinforcing  product with  intrusion alarm