QUADRAGARD® Duo-Lock 500

Doors  reinforcing

If you want keep a building safer, we can offer you an elegant and suitable solution: we apply on windows and glass doors  the products certified by QUADRAGARD® company.

Through a personal counseling meeting, we evaluate which are the intrusion alarms necessities,  analysing your building’s security and preparing a tailored project in order to make it safe

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For the front doors and cellar doors, for metal doors with or without glass inserts, containers doors, swing shutters, combination locks, or garages doors  we recommend you the universal closure with two blocking points.
QUADRAGARD® Duo-Lock 500.

The heavyset and sliding system is actuated by a key and make the massive bolts of 35mm move forward.
A door protected by this system can’t be forced even by the most ingenious burglars.

The cylinder is reinforced by a security element “protector” made of tempered steel with a security insert that make it resistant from any forced entry method known until now. The cylinder  protection element is applied to the latch using screws which pass through the door.

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